Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mac & Cheese Segment From Fox

Here's a rundown of the Macaroni & Cheeses that the Chef's put together for the show. I really appreciate all their work, especially delivering it to the restaurant. I'll be getting your dishes & casseroles back to you all soon. I think that Chef Jim from blueplate & I we're the only ones to actually taste all 11 dishes, but remember, everyone can this Monday night at Tortilla Press Cantina 7716 Maple Ave, Pennsauken 08109. Call 856-356-2050 for reservations. $10 per adult $4 for kids & the bar will be open.

The Tortilla Press
Chef Mark Smith
Key ingredient: the five cheeses! Cheddar, monteray jack, Chihuahua, queso anejo, cotija; Crumbled home made tortilla chips on top give it extra crunch.

Chef Jim Malaby
Key ingredient: one is gluten free (lobster and goat cheese)
Second one is “regular” BLT mac and cheese – bacon and oven dried tomatoes with greens.

Chef Alex Capasso
Key ingredient: Riviera style macaroni and cheese with Fregola eggless pasta, mascarpone and truffle oil and fresh truffle.

La Campagne
Chef Rich Benussi
Key ingredient: Our mac and cheese key ingredient is trois lait or three milks (cow, goat, sheep). To represent them we will be using three French cheeses. Brie (cow's milk), Chevre (goat's milk) and Petit Basque (sheep's milk). A hint of truffle and an almond crunch topping should also be noted.

Mirabella Café
Chef Joe Palombo
Key ingredient: lobster with several Italian cheeses. Chef Joe’s mac and cheese demonstrates how this homey dish can be dressed up.

Viennese Cafe
Chef Richard Marsh
Short rib mac n cheese with pine nut crust topping

Bistro di Marino
Chef Jim Marino
Key ingredient: penne pasta & gorgonzola make this extra creamy.

Chef Vipul
Key Ingredient: a combination of the spices that are used in many Indian dishes including ginger, cumin, coriander powder and tumeric. (It was nice & spicy) my note!

Kuzina by Sofia
Chef Sofia Khoury
Key ingredient: a secret! Let’s just say it’s chef Sofia’s TLC

Norma’s Mediterranean Café/ Cous Cous
Chef Elias

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