Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rough Draft Kids REstaurant week menu

This is a really rough draft, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions in the comment section. Thanks Chef Mark

Kids Restaurant Week
Starters Choose 1

Mexican Taco Salad with ground beef, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo sour cream & guacamole

Kiddie queso plate, melted cheese dip with red, white & blue corn chips

Mini chicken & cheese flautas with our special jersey fresh tomato salsa for dipping


Grilled shrimp with peach salsa, coconut rice & green beans

Chili mac & cheese with corn muffin & green beans

Twin mini tacos, beef or chicken with red rice & pinto beans

Brandon's pizza quesadilla with grilled chicken & cheese with sauteed green beans

Strawberry & Banana Quesadilla with whipped cream

Churro Sundae with chocolate ice cream & chocolate sauce

Mini berry tangle with vanilla ice cream


  1. I'll have my boys look at this tomorrow and you can get their opinion. It will be more useful than my opinion.

  2. I know my son Julian would be all over the queso plate, shrimp and chili mac and cheese. Don't know if fish is cost-effective for the menu, but he also loves Surf Taco (they have a soft taco with tempura battered cod and cilantro sauce) and he ate a grilled mahi mahi fish taco
    (served with-guess what-peach salsa! Not as good as yours) at a demo today at the farmer's market...but never mind the kids, I want to eat off the kid's menu (Churro sundae w/ chocolate!)