Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Farm Fresh Event of The Season

On Thursday June 18th we will be holding our first guest farm dinner at The Tortilla Press. John Ebert co-owner of Springdale Farm's in Cherry Hills will be our guest farmer for the evening. If you have not attended on of our previous Farm Fresh Events, do not miss this one. John will speak about the operations of the farm, what they currently are harvesting & will be through the summer and I will speak about how we are able to feature their products in our cuisine. here's a link to the menu.

A little history about my relationship with Springdale Farms. In 1992 my wife Lydia & I purchased a small sandwich/catering shop in Westmont. Well business was really slow & after coming off a job of running a hotel kitchen doing about 2 million in sales annually, our $300 a day in sales was not very exciting (or profitable) We had a line of salads that we made for our parties & that we sold in our shop along with some quiches that & we started looking for another place to retail them. We sampled Springdale & began selling our salads & quiches at the market.

After we left catering, we moved to Collingswood & opened our restaurant. And what do you know but Collingswood had a Saturday Farmers Market and one of the anchor farms was Springdale. Fortunately, I had an outlet with the restaurant for their corn, tomatoes, squash, peppers & the fleeting but oh so amazing strawberry season. I've been shopping the farmer's market ever since & stop by the farm on my way into Collingswood whenever I need mid week produce or even a coffee & apple cider doughnut.

So, here is Thursday's Menu

Kennent Square Exotic Mushroom Empanadas with epazote leaf & black bean chile puree. I bought the epazote from the farms awesome selection of herb plants & hot house Jersey tomatoes in the black bean chile puree.

Boston Lettuce, goat cheese, roasted Jersey beets & toasted pine nuts with strawberry habanaro vinaigrette. We are featuring Springdales Boston lettuce & the last of their strawberries in the salad.

Seafood Teaser of pan seared sea scallops with diced zucchini & yellow squash in a creamed squash blossom sauce with sauteed Jersey spinach. Springdale will provide the squash & squash blossoms

Grilled Carne Asada with grilled local scallions topped with fresh lime & sea salt with roasted baby carrots

And to finish it off..............

Jersey Strawberry & Coconut Bread Pudding topped with Strawberry Compote & Whipped Cream. Cinnamon bread & straberries from Springdale.

All this for only $29.95 (does not include beverages, tax or gratuity)

We are still accepting reservations for this special event.

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