Monday, June 1, 2009

New at Collingswood Farmer's Market this week

This week stop by for a free sample of our fresh squeezed OJ. We are offering a new service for people who would like to bring there own sterilized container for us to fill with juice. The price will be $6.5o for a quart or $12 for a half gallon. We'll fill your container while you wait. Just pop in the fridge when you get home & enjoy. Of course, if you can't wait till you get home, we still have our 12 oz. cups readyfor you to enjoy on the spot...cost is $3. We are also introducing our fresh squeezed lemonade - $2 for a refreshing 16 oz portion. Coming soon - our famous fresh squeezed margarita mix.

As usual, I'll be making quesadillas & will introduce a portabella mushroom (Davidsons Mushrooms) & zucchini (Viereck Farms) quesadilla in an ancho chile sauce with cheese. We will also be doing a spinach (Flaim Farms) & bacon quesadilla or a asparagus (Viereck Farms) & roasted red pepper (sorry, not local yet, but oh so delicious) quesadilla with just a touch of garlic. (Hey, here's a thought: preorder some for your dinner that night!)

If you'd like something sweet to snack on as you walk the market, we'll have our cinnamon sugared tortilla chips & brown sugar dipping sauce to take the edge off the morning hungries. They are our brunch starter chips & we serve them on Saturday & Sunday morning in place of our regular lunch chips & salsa.

In case you have not noticed we tweaked our red salsa recipe & now are using a base of the Jersey Fresh crushed tomatoes available at Flaim Farms table on Saturdays or the rest of the week at Springdale Farm market. It's a little bit heartier & a bit spicier than the old recipe so it sticks to our house fried chips perfectly. Try some at our Farmers Market & take a container or two home for the weekend. Remember, no preservatives so eat it by Tuesday night while it's still at its best. Hope to see you at the market where we'll be turning the freshest ingredients into delicous dishes. Chef Mark

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