Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reopening The Cantina

A letter from Chef Mark Smith

This letter is to all my guests of The Tortilla Press…and all my former guests of Tortilla Press Cantina in Pennsauken. And it’s about re-opening our Pennsauken location.

Many times (more than we can count!) my wife Lydia and I have been asked why we closed the Pennsauken location. It was a hard decision for us because we believed that our concept was perfect (especially with a liquor license) and the location was heavily trafficked.

Then the Maple Avenue bridge closed. Rising gas prices and a national downturn in the economy did the rest.

But for better or worse, it is not in our nature as Americans to be downcast. Almost irrepressibly optimistic, we were not made for despair. And I believe that attitude is what best describes my feelings about Tortilla Press Cantina.

With the bridge opening, gas prices dropping (a little – hey at least they’re not at $4 a gallon!) and the nation trying hard to recover, recuperate and repair, I am once again turning my eyes to the Pennsauken property and considering re-opening.

But not alone. And that’s where this appeal comes in.

We are looking for an investor/working partner to team with us to re-open the Cantina. Someone with capital of course, but also with expertise in creating and maintaining a profitable operation. And in exchange we are willing to give up a considerable portion of our ownership.

Why, when money is so tight, should you invest in this restaurant?

Because the factors that caused it to close are dissipating and our proven track record both in Collingswood and in Pennsauken’s early days show that our concept, our marketing and our commitment to affordable dining in South Jersey makes this a strong and solid investment.

Are you tempted? Interested? Let’s talk!

Please contact me at

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  1. I wish you the best of luck in finding a partner so that you can reopen the Cantina. We enjoy your main restaurant very much but never got a chance to eat at the Cantina. Looking forward to having that chance in the future. - John