Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This weeks Collingswood Farmers Market Menu

Week three at the market & our market team is getting ready. We're bringing 10 cases of oranges for fresh squeezed juice. The asparagus is ordered from Stephanie at Vierneck Farms for our market quesadillas & our veggin out menu. Hopefully she will be able to pick enough strawberries to sell me two flats for our first of the season strawberry tangle. If so it will be our featured dessert specail on Saturday & Sunday menues. We might even be able to put together some Jersey berry topping for our Pan Perdida Sunday Morning.

Davidsons Mushrooms will be bringing us Cremini, Portabella & White Button Mushrooms. The portabellas will be sauteed with some of the asparagus for one of our market fresh quesadilla choices this week. I think I'll add a touch of chipotle paste, just for a little smokey heat.

Flaim Farms will again be supplying us with spinach, leeks, radishes, spring mix lettuce & our cilantro. Spinach & leeks will be another quesadilla choice this week & I'll be bringing a few half pints of our cilantro vinaigrette for those of you who are fond of it. Just remember, its fresh with no preservatives so use it within three days.

Well I could sit here & write all day, but who will do the prep for dinner tonight

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  1. Chef Mark,

    Thank you for keeping us informed about the local farms you're buying from. I'll be sure to pass this information on to my South Jersey Locavore readers.

    I've put this blog in my RSS feeder so I don't miss anything.

    Robin Shreeves